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Vintage things

More vintage things! my mom is having a huge garage sale, so i got to pick through it before it goes public :P i picked this awesomely decorative mirrored plate thing, the details on this are amazeballs! my cat Frankie has become very narcissistic, she LOVED that mirror, spent a good 10 minutes admiring herself in it

i also picked some hand-me-downs that should rightfully be passed down to me since my mom’s had them forever :P this floral leaf ash tray set and a cup-n-saucer set my great grandma gave me.  Ive taken up an interest in cup and saucers, i think i might start collecting them.  i also snagged a perfume bottle with amazing detail and a birdy saucer that i got for being born (lol my mom was going to sell it) … put a bird on it!

well that is all :)

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matias troncoso

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"IDK my BFF Jill?"
a piece for my senior GD show about evolution.  this ones about texting/calling and the acronyms and slang associated with it and also all the social networking platforms n shiz that we use to communicate now instead of writing letters (even though we still do, duh) the red string symbolizes how the progression is all tied together and in some cases makes a full circle, each connected to the last bla bla bla ive written descriptions for these pieces at least 6 times now :P b a d c