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im still alive..

still not a decent picture, i was just too lazy to take it out of the frame and scan sections to piece together later……. -_-


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frankie and neo are evil bugs i had to kill them. b a d c
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totally just had the WEIRDEST and very most uncomfortable dream of my life last night, and every time i woke up from it and went back to sleep i would go right back into it.  i’ve illustrated the main points to help you follow along…
so i got a job driving a huge coach bus around town for people but the kids i was driving were complete ass holes and i felt i needed to assert myself over them to gain respect as a driver so i unleashed a few cans of woop-ass on them. never seen myself so angry… it was strange. anyway, they didnt really care i was going all bad ass on them and all of a sudden this mexican guy came over to help me, all the kids disappeared and i ran over the man with my bus, thinking he was a kid and i was just going to show that little bastard i mean business.. well i killed him on accident and freaked out.
drove the bus all over town trying to figure out what to do and ended up parking it in my neighbors driveway then walked to my house.. i wrote about killing someone in my secret diary along with all my other embarrassing life moments and hid it with a bible (apparently more incriminating evidence) in a piece of big paper on this huge wardrobe closet in a storage room full of boxes.  then i went to my high school english class to turn in an assignment which somehow became my downfall because it had more incriminating evidence on it and Mrs. Stasko (my teacher) was trying to ask the class if they recognized the handwriting on the assignment because it linked them to the killer.. while i was in class.. she totally knew i killed the guy.  then my entire family tried playing detective and started uncovering all this evidence, slowly tying me to the “murder” (yes, now it changed to murder) 
blah blaah blah, had to cover my tracks, had sex with my “boyfriend” and my aunt walks in, contemplate moving to an exotic island to evade the police… finally had to get out of bed and quit sleeping because i couldnt take any more of this shit………… now how the hell am i going to illustrate THIS dream for my show.. ;) b a d c
finished up in photoshop. 
im surprised this turned out well at all, had a heated confrontation with someone and was literally forced to sit down and start drawing.  still had tears streaming as i drew the first cat, think it brought me closer to this piece than ive ever been with any others…
cant wait for you to see the entire piece <3
listening to: Who’s that Chick- Rihanna (she may not have written this song herself but ill be damned if she doesnt sing it like a fuckin ace in the hole. b a d c