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Made some glossy prints yesterday to mail out- they turned out better than expected! No extra calibration needed! You can get at me if you’d like a glossy print of my work- I can do up to 13x19 which is cool. 
Otherwise, check out my society6 shop! b a d c
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Making time to sketch today.
Instagram b a d c
sneek peek at some things on the drawing table!
I haven’t worked on anything in months.. MONTHS.. I’ve just been so busy and havent had any time to sit down and draw seriously though, i just haven’t felt like it. now i have deadlines so i’m sort of freaking out. I just took a week off work for a “vacation” so that i could work on personal things that i never feel like doing. my vacation amounted to about 78% laying around with josiah or by myself, 8% freaking out that i haven’t gotten any work done, and the remaining 14% actually doing work. 
the (cat?)skull i’m working on is for a magazine feature in december, the chick was a first idea for the magazine but i decided to go a different way, not sure if i’ll ever get around to finishing her.. b a d c


just uploaded a few prints to my new account at inPRNT! the quality of these prints is astonishing, go check it out! reduced shipping this weekend <3

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Songs XII - Satellite Heart (featuring the lovely and talented Katie Sanvick) by Andre De Freitas

couldn&#8217;t be more stoked with how this turned out, Andre De Freitas, killin it yet again! b a d c
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small teaser of what im working on for the Macro&amp;Micro show at Light Grey Art Lab, i was seriously having a minor panic attack at the fact that i left this to the weekend before the artwork was due to the gallery, but it seems to be coming along. a few more hours and it should be done, just need to finish up on the fur, and add a few final touches  b a d c
They&#8217;re up! 
you can finally get your mitts on all of our temporary tattoos for Light Grey Art Lab&#8217;s Beautiful Forever show opening March 22nd! also available are the beautiful illustrations for the conjoining Blowout show. 
I was surprised and thrilled to see two other artists illustrating bats for the BF show! how cool are we ;) hehe
Hope to see lots of folks at the show, come say hi to me!! :)
follow the link to get my Children of the Night bats as temporary tats that you can put wherever your little heart desires!  b a d c
done with the crazy bats for Light Grey Art Lab&#8217;s Beautiful Forever tattoo blowout show! if you&#8217;re in the minneapolis area on the 22nd i recommend you stop by! it&#8217;s gonna be titz! b a d c
coloring the babies to hopefully be ready on wednesday! so very excited! b a d c
and then there were three!  b a d c