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working on this today b a d c
bag #2 
once i build up a bit of an inventory i can open my etsy shop!!!! 
next step- hit up spoonflower to print some of MY art on fabric to make my bags :) also, i need prints of my artwork and shipping materials.  Kind of thinking about starting a kickstarter project for printing my fairy tales and poetry book since the company i want to go through is very high quality which means expensive.. but that wont be for a while, i have to write/illustrate the dang thang first! :P b a d c
didn’t get to christen my sketchbook last night, but i did pick up again on this, i’ll probably finish it either at or after work :) b a d c
Makin forts with Napoleon! b a d c
More new projects b a d c
Working on this creepy borzoi ink drawing #myart #illustration #drawing #instagram b a d c
I’m making a book/zine about a fox! #fox #doodle #illustration #myart #instagram b a d c

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Finished this up right quick! b a d c
*edit lol, iphone auto correct thinks i should have captioned this “STD” instead of “Syd” so.. i guess heres my snake, STD…………………  b a d c
I have a devil cat who creepily sits and stares at me with his glowing eyes at night b a d c
New project for my cousin :) b a d c

instax mini

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