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sneek peek at some things on the drawing table!
I haven’t worked on anything in months.. MONTHS.. I’ve just been so busy and havent had any time to sit down and draw seriously though, i just haven’t felt like it. now i have deadlines so i’m sort of freaking out. I just took a week off work for a “vacation” so that i could work on personal things that i never feel like doing. my vacation amounted to about 78% laying around with josiah or by myself, 8% freaking out that i haven’t gotten any work done, and the remaining 14% actually doing work. 
the (cat?)skull i’m working on is for a magazine feature in december, the chick was a first idea for the magazine but i decided to go a different way, not sure if i’ll ever get around to finishing her.. b a d c
coloring the babies to hopefully be ready on wednesday! so very excited! b a d c
and then there were three!  b a d c
one of three lovely bats for the Beautiful Forever show is well underway.. deciding on colors now.
I’ve looked at about 2,386 pictures of bats and i kind of want one now. b a d c
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Started something today, taking a break from packing! b a d c
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working on this today b a d c
working on things i shouldnt be working on.. but at least im working! (Taken with Instagram) b a d c
bag #2 
once i build up a bit of an inventory i can open my etsy shop!!!! 
next step- hit up spoonflower to print some of MY art on fabric to make my bags :) also, i need prints of my artwork and shipping materials.  Kind of thinking about starting a kickstarter project for printing my fairy tales and poetry book since the company i want to go through is very high quality which means expensive.. but that wont be for a while, i have to write/illustrate the dang thang first! :P b a d c
My Asteria print is up on Society6!
"Asteria was the Titan Goddess of the oracles and prophecies of night, including prophetic dreams, the reading of the stars, and necromancy.”
I did a two part series of these star gods, i liked it so much i might do more! b a d c
didn’t get to christen my sketchbook last night, but i did pick up again on this, i’ll probably finish it either at or after work :) b a d c