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sneek peek at some things on the drawing table!
I haven’t worked on anything in months.. MONTHS.. I’ve just been so busy and havent had any time to sit down and draw seriously though, i just haven’t felt like it. now i have deadlines so i’m sort of freaking out. I just took a week off work for a “vacation” so that i could work on personal things that i never feel like doing. my vacation amounted to about 78% laying around with josiah or by myself, 8% freaking out that i haven’t gotten any work done, and the remaining 14% actually doing work. 
the (cat?)skull i’m working on is for a magazine feature in december, the chick was a first idea for the magazine but i decided to go a different way, not sure if i’ll ever get around to finishing her.. b a d c
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small teaser of what im working on for the Macro&Micro show at Light Grey Art Lab, i was seriously having a minor panic attack at the fact that i left this to the weekend before the artwork was due to the gallery, but it seems to be coming along. a few more hours and it should be done, just need to finish up on the fur, and add a few final touches  b a d c
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woooooooooooo! made it on the home page again! sweet babies! b a d c
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Started something today, taking a break from packing! b a d c
Working on my book.. when i made this i thought it was so funny looking and i couldnt put my finger on it as to WHY and now i see.. he has people legs.. wolf legs totally dont work like that haha i think thats why i like it so much  b a d c
The Girl on Fire b a d c
these nice girls asked me to draw them, so i did!  b a d c
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painting painting b a d c

i need to stop staying up late painting, im always like a zombie at work the next day! 

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