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working on this today b a d c
sewing! I sew everything now! I’ve been making bags and clutches, and now some very cute sea life! I love this little whale, and once I have a few more items I’ll be opening up my Etsy store!! say whaaaat! 

and also, I got to work a little on my website which frankly is a pain in the ass and I dislike very much coding it…….. but it must be done! I think I finally know kinda what I want to do.. b a d c
i am making a harry potter calendar! its going to be epic. 
Buckbeak is going to be the month of June  b a d c

omg i could finally dive into this again, after doing that background- its been taking FOREVER to dry :( which is ok i guess cause i needed a little breather from it anyway.. just not one that long.. anywho, i decided to make her an indian. i guess shes pretty much like Pocahontas. ya. 

i think the background kinda looks like roses :P i might add some actual roses in later.. idk.  finished her hair i think. thought about putting a headband on her but changed my mind.  now im working on her dress which will have fringe and beading, intricate i think.  also gave her a henna-type tattoo, not sure how much i like that.  hopefully i can finish this up soon!


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